The Beginners "How-To" Guide is a unique 60 page reference and training manual that will provide your business with the foundational skills for collecting accounts receivable. Easily understood step-by-step instructions with "Do-s and Don't-s" on each topic will guide you through the process of collecting outstanding invoices.

Struggling to collect what is owed to you? If you're operating a small or medium size business and need the basics of collecting accounts receivable, the Beginners "How-To" Guide will show you how to:

    Set up a Standardized Collection System
    Identify Debtor Types
    Establish Credit Policies
    Make Collection Calls
    Write a Collection Letter
    Write a Final Demand
    Make Decisions About Accounts
    Take Supplementary Collection Actions
    Understand Insolvency Actions
    Decide When to Sue
    Deal With NSF Cheques
    Find Missing Debtors
    Decide When to Write Off an Account
    Use Quick Collection Techniques

View a sample page: Understanding Non-Payment
View a sample page:
First Collection Call
View a sample page: The Number One Rule of Collections

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The guide is an easy-to-download PDF file optimized for reading on-screen and can be quickly and inexpensively printed out with margins designed for a 3-ring binder. Your download will be forwarded immediately on payment via PayPal.




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Frank Flynn has 20 years private and public sector experience in the collections field. He has published plays, essays, and articles in print and electronic media. Frank operates Taxpayer Relief Letters, a niche Canadian tax consultancy and writing service specializing in collections issues and penalty and interest relief applications.

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